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IO1 - Reference framework of competencies for prisoners' re-entry & the new re-entry barriers created by the COVID-19 pandemic

This reference framework will illustrate the critical competencies that prisoners need to apply upon release (namely during the transition processes), with strong focus on recent experiences of release of prisoners at the start of the pandemic. The Framework will, therefore, be a document of reference founded on the United Nations standards and norms in crime prevention and criminal justice: human rights, social reintegration and protection of society. Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive resource to support the planning and implementation of prison programmes.

IO2 - Design Thinking for Prisoners’ Reintegration - A practical guide on how to optimize effective prisoners’ re-entry using design thinking principles

This product refers to a configuration of a methodology and tools based on the Design Thinking approach for re-entry. For this, it will start by mapping models already developed in other contexts and combining them with the needs identified for these people to re-enter society; based on the pairing between the research and the needs found, the methodology and tools will be designed and configured tailormade to the end-users (‘the creators’).


Self-DESIGN introduces a proposal with the purpose of supporting inmates during their early stages of self-reflection and preparation for their reintegration into society. The main focus is to equip them with means to develop self-awareness, identifying their strengths and requirements across different aspects of their lives.


Develop a new and friendly mobile platform targeting justice practitioners. This platform will allow the practitioners to select the re-entry dimensions they want to work with the prisoners (e.g. employment, housing, finance, training, etc.), the competencies (e.g. creativity, analytical and critical thinking skills, empathy, communication, etc.)and the level of readiness of the prisoners (e.g. no self-awareness; resistance, pre-planning, ready for being released, etc.).